Have you checked the MiKTeX FAQ? You will find answers for the most common MiKTeX questions.

Professional Support for (La)TeX & Friends

Ulrike Fischer is offering for an appropriate fee professional support for all sorts of LaTeX problems.

MiKTeX Log Files

If something goes wrong, you can check the MiKTeX log files in miktex/log (relative to the MiKTeX data root directory). When you write an issue ticket, you should include the log files as attachements.

Issues and Improvement Suggestions

We recommend that you visit one of the trackers (see below) if you find that your MiKTeX installation doesn't work as expected, or if you have an improvement suggestion.

Please check the MiKTeX Contributing Guidelines before submitting your first ticket.

Please choose the appropriate isssue tracker:

If you find that a MiKTeX package is not correct (missing or misplaced files):
Docker image:
If you find an issue with the Docker image:
All other issues:
For software bugs (i.e., issues related to the MiKTeX exececutables):