MiKTeX 21.6.28

MiKTeX 21.6.28 has been released on June 28, 2021.

Breaking changes

Common TEXMF root directories in a private (current user) installation

In the past, common TEXMF root directories (e.g., C:\Program Files\MiKTeX) were in the input search path, even if MiKTeX was installed for the current user only. As of 21.6.28, common TEXMF root directories are excluded from the input search path.

This should have no impact for most users, because these directories usually do not exist when MiKTeX is installed for the current user.

Fixed issues

  • 841: When a package have been uninstalled, its directories are not removed
  • 844: Documentation not found
  • 846: miktex update causes issues “go to source/pdf” in TeXstudio