Major MiKTeX update on the way

The next MiKTeX update will be a major one. The executables have been rebuilt and some 3rd party components have been upgraded.

Please note: I would recommend that you don't install the update immediately if you are working in a production environment.

What's new

Dvisvgm has been added to the MiKTeX distribution.

Bug fixes

2390 Log files lack \openout lines
2394 Install packages on-the-fly for all users fails with Windows API error 87
2395 "Unable to update the static FcBlanks:" messages from fontconfig and xetex
2401 MikTeX does not interprete TEXINPUTS properly
2407 lualatex fails with permission denied when trying to input a file open for writing
2409 Paper size and install-on-fly setting selections ignored at install time
2410 bibtex buffer size exceeded
2411 log4cxx: No appender could be found for logger (mkfntmap)
2412 synctex: tex file not found

Known issues

Windows XP

  • running TeXworks causes access violations
  • Dvisvgm does not start