The future of MiKTeX 2.9

Inspired by a thread on the MiKTeX mailing list, I would like to outline the future of MiKTeX 2.9.

MiKTeX 2.9 is the current version of MiKTeX. The next version, MiKTeX 3.0, is in the make. Once it becomes available, MiKTeX 2.9 wont be dropped, i.e., both versions will be maintained side-by-side.

MiKTeX 2.9 will be provided with priority (security related) bug fixes.

Moreover, I am planning to

  • integrate the latest versions of TeX & Friends (pdfTeX, xeTeX, LuaTeX, dvips, tex4ht, ...)
  • add xindy
  • create a new installer

I hope this can be completed until the end of 2014.

If you have further questions or ideas, I would recommend that you join the MiKTeX mailing list.