MiKTeX Packaging.

Status: it goes on and on.

There are currently 2777 packages in the primary package repository.
Last update: 9/8/2014
Most recent updates:
xetex-itrans xepersian udesoftec uadocs tools siunitx sclang-prettifier schule reflectgraphics pstricks pst-spirograph pst-solides3d pst-poly pst-plot pst-3dplot poetrytex pkgloader parisa ot-tableau miktex-misc

The contents of the primary package repository is mirrored worldwide.

Keep it going

You can help keep the machinery going by giving back! This will encourage me to continue the MiKTeX package repository. Any amount is appreciated. And if you like, I will put your name on this page.

MiKTeX Packaging

MiKTeX packaging is sponsored by:

Harald Goldbeck-Löwe, Siebe Spronk (€10), Volker RW Schaa (€50), 王 冠倫, Enrico Moretto, Frederick Willeboordse (€10), Abubakar Surajo Imam, Nils Claasen (€5), Michael Blömeke: http://basecamphandbuch.de/, Eric Moulines, Tebe Ojukonsin, Norbert Schramm, Bariş Erkuş (€10), T. S. Humble, Peter Williams (€10), Panagiotis Ipeirotis (€10), Michael B. Maltenfort (€10), Michael Zirpel, Alexia Gaudeul (€10), Stephan Paul, Luca Urpi, Enrico Moretto, Anand Shraddhan, Michael La Martina (€10), Hermann Rochholz, Gisbert W Selke, Martin Biewen (€50), Andreas Mai, Andreas Rösner (€10), Gisle Vanem (€20), Oliver Haas (€10), Adnan Masood, Hank de Wit (€10), Patrick Pleter, Otso Helenius, Joel Parthemore (€10), Werner Reindorf (€10), Kachanov Yuri, Teotonio Souza, Vittorio Cipolla, Derek Maksimiuk (€10), 李 文伟 (€15), Valerio Biancalana, Pedro Belisário, Nick Simpson, Henk Korbee, Andrew P Paplinski (€10), Georges Marty (€10), Pierre Burg, Stanislav Kruchinin, Mario Reyes, Beat Bucher, José Carlos Santos, Rainer Koelle (€10), Rudi Eycken, Paul Peigne, Guillermo Donoso Harris, Uli Göppinger (€20), Hans J. Micheelsen (€10), Serhat Çakir, John Bonnett (€10), Sören Sprößig (€20), Yong Heng Tay, Charles Smyth (€10), Eliezer Colón-Rivera, Лабовский Сергей / Sergey Labovskiy (€10), Minrui Zheng (€5), Marco Broglia (€10), Sujata Visaria, Gilyazov Rustam, Cornelius Maihöfer (€10), Brian Jackel, Gregor Kronenberger, Ramanadham Muthyala, Howard Georgi, Ian Newlin (€5), Herbert Ostermann, A Brinton Cooper III, Henrik Nordborg (€50), Jaroslav Fait (€10), Prof. Dr. H. Lenske, Robert S. Orr, Andre König (€10), Amir Ali Fayazi (€10), Efrem Rensi (€20), Pascal Imhof (€30), Radhakrishnan Gopalan (€20), Enrico Moretto, Βασίλης Χουβαρδάς, Erich Neuwirth, Georg Mayer (€30), Claus-Wilhelm Häbel (€10), 李文伟, Ursula Smolka (€10), Yuguang Tong, Emmanuel J. Genot (€10), Khalid Al-Baloushi, Veronica Cavicchi, Christian Stumpp (€20), Sebastian Liebig (€10), Marcel Pietschmann (€10), Thomas McGaffey, Jason Quinn (€10), Daniel Graeber (€20), Isaías López Morales, Gerard Seibert, Adrian Boland-Thoms (€10), Wilfried Solbach, Mitch Gusat (€50), Haik Simon (€10), Ludwik Turko (€10), Gyutai Kim, Hillevi Gavel,

Thank you!

How it works

The primary package repository is a directory on my computer and its contents is not directly accessible from the Internet. From time to time (say once a week) I "release" the package directory by uploading its contents to the CTAN directory systems/win32/miktex, which is actually mirrored.

The MiKTeX web service is used by the MiKTeX package manager to retrieve the list of valid package repositories.
In order to reduce resource usage on the server, the web service stalls (and possibly rejects) excessive requests arriving from the same IP address.