MiKTeX Packaging.

Status: it goes on and on.

There are currently 2944 packages in the primary package repository.
Last update: 7/24/2015
Most recent updates:
morefloats fontspec eso-pic copyedit academicons tcolorbox standalone skrapport siunitx shapes screenplay-pkg reledmac quran polyglossia ocgx2 newpx modiagram media9 mcf2graph luasseq

The contents of the primary package repository is mirrored worldwide.

Keep it going

You can help keep the machinery going by giving back! This will encourage me to continue the MiKTeX package repository. Any amount is appreciated. And if you like, I will put your name on this page.

MiKTeX Packaging

MiKTeX packaging is sponsored by:

Witold Dobrowolski (€10), Rodrigo Schulz, Sachin Garg (€20), Fausto Granda Gutiérrez, Rolf Moers, Avik Dutt, Richard Leigh (€20), Anonymous (€10), Pierre Burg (€10), Bernhard Maertl, DR S B JAN (€10), Ricardo Carlos Martini, Gert Rubbrecht. 张 慧明, Robert Lauktien (€5), Helmut Haberzettl, Ivor Bowden (€20), Ibrahim Inal, David Stang (€50), Malcolm Field (€10), Tiago Fardilha (€5), Peter von Rohr, John Carter, Ning Zhao (€20), Ian Chivers, Catalin Gherghe (€30), Roland Koerner, Paul Block, Jaroslav Fait, Tine Ningal (€10), Klaus Causemann, Sumanth Swaminathan, Miroslav Joler (€10), Francois Meunier (€30), John Bonnett (€10), Mohammad Sajid (€75), Dr. Heiner Merz, Thomas Niebel, Bruhadeshwar Bezawada, Steven Mudenda, Matthew Delventhal, Andrey Popov, Martin Sulzinger, Jose Job Flores Godoy, Sachin Gautam, Ralf Taegener (€10), Bernardus Heijdra (€30), Neal Lafferty (€10), Thomas Greve, Sridharan K (€10), Luis Jesus Claros, Andriy Drozdyuk (€10), David Diarra (€10), Loïs Vanhee, Erdem Canbay (€10), Daniele Pagnozzi, Zeev Sobol (€20), 邱 顯浩, Lorenzo Rosa, Fabian Peters, Wenluan Zhang (€10), Stephan Ammann, Mark Green, Alla Sawatzky (€10), Harald Goldbeck-Löwe, Siebe Spronk (€10), Volker RW Schaa (€50), 王 冠倫, Enrico Moretto, Frederick Willeboordse (€10), Abubakar Surajo Imam, Nils Claasen (€5), Michael Blömeke: http://basecamphandbuch.de/, Eric Moulines, Tebe Ojukonsin, Norbert Schramm, Bariş Erkuş (€10), T. S. Humble, Peter Williams (€10), Panagiotis Ipeirotis (€10), Michael B. Maltenfort (€10), Michael Zirpel, Alexia Gaudeul (€10), Stephan Paul, Luca Urpi, Enrico Moretto, Anand Shraddhan, Michael La Martina (€10), Hermann Rochholz, Gisbert W Selke, Martin Biewen (€50), Andreas Mai, Andreas Rösner (€10), Gisle Vanem (€20), Oliver Haas (€10), Adnan Masood, Hank de Wit (€10), Patrick Pleter, Otso Helenius, Joel Parthemore (€10), Werner Reindorf (€10), Kachanov Yuri, Teotonio Souza, Vittorio Cipolla, Derek Maksimiuk (€10), 李 文伟 (€15), Valerio Biancalana, Pedro Belisário, Nick Simpson, Henk Korbee, Andrew P Paplinski (€10), Georges Marty (€10), Pierre Burg, Stanislav Kruchinin, Mario Reyes, Beat Bucher, José Carlos Santos,

Thank you!

How it works

The primary package repository is a directory on my computer and its contents is not directly accessible from the Internet. From time to time (say once a week) I "release" the package directory by uploading its contents to the CTAN directory systems/win32/miktex, which is actually mirrored.

The MiKTeX web service is used by the MiKTeX package manager to retrieve the list of valid package repositories.
In order to reduce resource usage on the server, the web service stalls (and possibly rejects) excessive requests arriving from the same IP address.